How much do you know about organic?

By | March 31st, 2014 |

1. True or False – Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can be used in organic food and farming.


2. Which of the following is NOT a requirement for raising organic livestock?


3. How can you be sure the food you eat is organic?


4. Which of these is commonly used in organic farming?


5. True of False – The pastures organic livestock graze in must be certified organic.


6. Are organic foods local?


7. Can organic livestock’s feed contain GMOs?


8. Which government agency oversees organic certification?


9. Are organic and natural the same thing?


10. True or False – The USDA certified organic seal is the only guarantee that your food has been produced without persistent pesticides, most synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, artificial hormones or genetically engineered seeds.


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