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By | May 10th, 2017 | Organic News |

Beetnik will be taking over the Only Organic Instagram account for the next 24 hours (5/11 – 5/12). They’ll be sharing some great facts about organic food and giving you an inside look at their brand.

Here are some quick facts about Beetnik:

  • Beetnik is recent winner of the Women’s Choice Award
  • Beetnik is based in Austin Texas
  • Beetnik only uses certified USDA Organic ingredients
  • Beetnik only uses pastured, grass fed beef
  • Beetnik’s packaging is recyclable and they use less material than conventional frozen food packaging.
  • They only source pastured, grass fed beef is 20% lower in calories than grain fed beef and has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA’s, and Vitamins A and E.
  • 9 out of 10 Women chose Beetnik as their favorite organic frozen meal option

Event Details:

What: An organic brand Instagram takeover featuring Beetnik. They will have full control over the Only Organic Instagram account to share anything they want.

Where: On the Only Organic Instagram account.

Who: Follow Beetnik on Instagram after the takeover here:

When: Thursday 5/11 – Friday 5/12

Why: Because Only Organic is committed to sharing the best brands and resources with you in interactive ways.

How: Want to join in the fun. Just follow us on Instagram.

A message from Beetnik:

“Beetnik wants to applaud the hard working mom. Let’s give mom a break this Mother’s Day and make her happy by making a healthy meal choice.
At Beetnik, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste and convenience because you’re eating Gluten Free. We make frozen meals, sauces, and meat products that bring simple ingredients and great taste into your home.The core of our food philosophy is an understanding that great food comes from great ingredients. We ensure that all of our foods are certified USDA Organic and Gluten Free. This means you never have to read a Beetnik label to know that you are getting nutrition the way nature intended.We believe in doing things right for our planet, for our customers, and for future generations. We work with people who are passionate about their ingredients and the environment. We cook with ethically raised organic proteins that are free from hormones and antibiotics. Our packaging is recyclable and is designed to use less material than conventional frozen food packaging.
Look for Beetnik foods in your local freezer section.”

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