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By | January 5th, 2022 | Organic News |

Don’t have a New Year’s resolution yet? Perfect, neither do we.

This year, we’re ditching the resolutions that never stick and instead doing what we do best: organic!  When you #Commit2Organic you commit to a healthier you and a healthier planet – it’s really that simple!

On January 18th, at 8 PM EST, Stonyfield and Only Organic will be co-hosting a Twitter Party with our organic friends at @drinkorgain, @organicindiausa, @lundbergfarms, @seasnax, and @naturespathorganic to inspire YOU to #Commit2Organic! You’ll learn how to build healthy habits that actually stick and be entered for a chance to win awesomely organic prizes!

What: Twitter party to encourage you to #Commit2Organic. If you’ve never been to a Twitter party it’s a live discussion with great prizes, panelists, organic information and YOU.

When: January 18th, at 8 PM EST

Hashtag: #Commit2Organic

Who: Hosted by Only Organic and Stonyfield on Twitter.








And to kick things up a notch, Stonyfield has launched the Organic Commitment Challenge – challenging consumers to join them for three weeks of tips and exclusive deals from participating organic brands! With 21 days – the time it takes to form a habit – of savings, freebies, and healthy habits tips, this is less of a challenge and more of a good time.

Even if you missed the first part of the challenge, there’s plenty more to come. Register here to receive high-value coupons and more!

Unlike resolutions, organic doesn’t fail. Join us and #Commit2Organic, not a resolution, in 2022!

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