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To celebrate our favorite time of year, Earth Month, we packed April with events featuring our organic partners’ commitment to a healthy planet. To recap the events, and further celebrate Earth Month, we’ve put together an Earth Month roundup blog.

Earth Day Twitter Party

Our annual Organic Earth Day Twitter party was on April 12, 2022, and featured 15 organic panelists. During the live chat, we trended the #organicearthday hashtag nationally and reached 2,399,100 Twitter users and created 2,990,010 unique impressions. Catch up on the fun organic Earth Day GIFs and conversation here.

Earth Month Q&A’s

We also hosted six exclusive interviews with organic brand partners featuring their commitments to organic practices, the environment, and a healthy Earth. Click the brand name below to review our Earth Q&As.

Earth Month Instagram Takeover with Orgain

An Instagram takeover is a process of taking over someone else’s Instagram account temporarily and sharing content with their audience. Orgain took over our Instagram account on April 14, 2022. Review the content here.

Earth Day Instagram Reel and Earth Month Highlight

On Earth Day we launched an Instagram Reel highlighting the importance of choosing organic over conventional on this special day and every other day.

Our organic brand partners put on quite the display of Earth month content as well. We captured it on Instagram in this highlight.

Earth Month Live Instagram Interview with the Organic Center

Watch our live exclusive interview with the Organic Center. In our exclusive interview with Dr. Amber Sciligo, the Director of Science Programs at The Organic Center, we discussed how organic agriculture mitigates climate change and supports a healthy planet.

Links to some of the studies we discussed are below:

Help us celebrate the Earth every month by skipping the chemicals and choosing organic.


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