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April is Earth Month! To celebrate we’re hosting exclusive Q&A interviews with our partnering organic brands highlighting their commitment to organic and a healthy planet. Today’s interview is with Traditional Medicinals.

Why is it important for your brand to celebrate Earth Month and how are you celebrating throughout the month?

Every day at Traditional Medicinals is Earth Day.

Not a day passes when we aren’t considering our impact on the planet, or acknowledging our responsibility to lead a path forward, confronting the many threats of climate change.

We look at everything we do – prioritizing renewable energy and collaborating on solutions that protect, sustain, and restore nature. We aspire to catalyze change across our value chain, encouraging our suppliers to help protect the health of our planet by ensuring access to clean air, adequate food, and safe drinking water for all.

We are motivated and inspired by our consumers! We look to our plant-loving customers to help hold us accountable and to ask the hard questions.

This month we will be donating 10% of the proceeds from our Earth Day Celebration Sale to Conservation International. Purchases during this time will go towards protecting more than 2.3 million square miles of land and sea in over 70 countries throughout the world.

Back at home, we have a special focus on our monthly volunteer events as we partner with local organizations working to protect the planet. Providing paid volunteer opportunities allows our team to get outside, give back to the planet, and reconnect with nature.

Stay up to date on our social media for product giveaways, this year’s impact facts, and our Earth Day sale!

What does your brand do to help create a healthier environment and to treat the planet more respectfully every day?

To better understand our impact, we spent the last year measuring the footprint that we leave on the planet. We used these measurements to identify areas for carbon reduction within our supply chain, improve the quality of reporting, and identify appropriate frameworks to help us continue our journey towards zero emissions. Our approach spans our entire operations and supply chain and includes practices such as sustainable agriculture, wild collection, renewable energy investments, material efficiency, and other planet-positive initiatives.

We are committed to making our botanical wellness products with integrity. As a Certified B Corp, our company’s overall environmental and social performance is measured and independently verified by a third-party B Lab. We believe it is our responsibility to create our products with the highest ethical standards and to uphold and advance criteria for measuring, improving, and communicating our ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

Since 2012, we have released an annual Impact Report to show our progress from year to year. Keep an eye out for our new 2021 Impact report which will be available on our website soon!

Why is it important for your brand to be organic?

We are actively working to protect and restore the pathways to wellness found in the wild. There are two driving factors for us: the quality of the herbs we source and the purpose we hold to ensure we have an ethical, positive impact on the planet and the people at the heart of our business.

To continue to provide access to botanical wellness products, we need to maintain a supply of high-quality herbs. This requires investing in the ecosystems where these plants thrive – and the people that steward them. Organic is our baseline for supporting the planet and the people who harvest our herbs. Last year, 99.6 % of our herb purchases were Certified Organic and 100% of our teas were Non-GMO Project Verified.

Since 1982, Traditional Medicinals (TM) has been using specially made natural fiber tea bags, and now, there is finally a new verification system—Non-GMO Project Verified—to validate what we’ve been doing right since the very beginning. To top it off, we’ve recently added organic and Non-GMO Project Verified cotton strings, as well as tags made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, ensuring that every part of our tea bag that steeps in your cup is healthy for your body and the environment.

We proudly stand behind the principles and philosophies of organic and non-GMO farming, and we wouldn’t make a tea we wouldn’t want to drink ourselves. We are setting the quality bar higher, which ultimately is better for everyone.

To learn more about what’s in your tea cup, visit our article.

What does organic do to make the planet healthier?

We believe that everything is interconnected. Organic farming supports not only the ecosystem and its biodiversity but the health and wellbeing of the farmers and collectors who harvest and forage our herbs.

The future of our success as a business, and larger for the world, depends on taking urgent and decisive action. We believe that the first step is a commitment to be certified organic and to nurture the reciprocal relationship between plants and good health for people and the planet.

How can consumers celebrate Earth Month?

  • Get outside and connect with the wild plants, trees, mountains, and rivers in your own backyard, or your local community. A fostered relationship with the world around you nurtures connection, which in turn sparks actions to protect the planet and the wild spaces we love.
  • Drink Organic tea! Take advantage of our Earth Week sale where we will be donating 10% of all profits to Conservation International. Your conscious choice allows us to continue our important work with our sourcing communities, the ecosystem, and the planet.

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