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By | April 7th, 2022 | Organic News |

It’s Earth Month and what better way to celebrate than to shine a light on our organic partners. Read an exclusive Q&A interview with Pete and Gerry’s highlighting their commitment to organic and a healthy planet.

Why is it important for your brand to celebrate Earth Month and how are you celebrating throughout the month?

Having been in the business of farming for over three generations, we are acutely aware that it’s more important now than ever to care for our Earth. Organic egg farmers like ours, whose livelihoods are rooted in the health of our planet, ecosystem, and wellbeing of the animals we share this world with, know firsthand how impactful humans can be when it comes to the future of the place we all call home. This Earth Month, we’re highlighting some of the actions Pete and Gerry’s takes each and every day to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the Earth in meaningful, tangible ways.

What does your brand do to help create a healthier environment and to treat the planet more respectfully every day?

As a values-led certified B Corporation, we are diligently committed to people and the planet, so we have always taken it upon ourselves to find the most environmentally-conscious solution possible in every single area of our business, from prohibiting the use of dangerous synthetic pesticides on our farms to providing our hens with strictly USDA Certified Organic feed free from GMOs. This includes the way we package our eggs: while organic eggs packaged in plastic cartons may seem counterintuitive, it’s a decision we made based on real research and data. Our cartons are made from 100% recycled plastic (like water bottles headed for the landfill) and have been found to use fewer fossil fuels – resulting in a smaller carbon footprint – during their entire lifecycle when compared to paper pulp cartons. In an effort to ensure our cartons are recycled once again and given another chance to serve a purpose, we offer a free Carton Take-Back Program for all consumers.

Why is it important for your brand to be organic?

Going organic is better for our environment, and it’s one of the many ways we can have a positive impact on our planet and its inhabitants. Conventionally-raised hens living in tiny, disease-prone spaces are usually treated with “preventive” antibiotics. Each of our partner farmers raises their flock of Certified Humane Free Range hens in a safe, comfortable environment conducive to a happy and healthy life. We firmly believe – as do our consumers! – that a healthier hen lays higher quality eggs; it makes a difference that you can see and taste, from beautiful golden yolks to sturdy shells.

What does organic do to make the planet healthier?

Organic farming practices focus on reducing pollution, maintaining healthy soil, and conserving water and other precious resources. At Pete and Gerry’s, this means no synthetic pesticide use (which could harm the farm’s ecosystem) or GMO crops can be used anywhere on our farms – including the pasture where our hens spend their days – and no chicken feed grown with either. These mindful steps help ensure that generations to come will continue to enjoy a safe, healthy planet.

How can consumers celebrate Earth Month?

Plant a garden! Growing and tending to the earth beneath your feet is a hobby for some, a career for others, and simply put, a passion for many. Take our farmers, for example they know firsthand the importance of caring for the land—it’s their livelihood. No matter the reason for your desire to take part in it, gardening is a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of our planet this Earth Month.

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