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Throughout Earth Month we’ve been highlighting exclusive Q&As with our organic brand partners to learn more about their commitment to a healthy planet. Today our featured interview is with Organic India!

Why is it important for your brand to celebrate Earth Month and how are you celebrating throughout the month?

This Earth Month, we teamed up with @ShankaraNaturals and @DrTungs because we share the same mission: sustainable self-care and wellness for consumers with a dedication to sourcing natural ingredients and caring for the earth. We partnered with them in a giveaway that included products from all three companies, including dental care offerings from Dr. Tungs and personal care items including stress-relieving bath salts and body oils from Shankara Naturals. ORGANIC INDIA products included nutrient-dense Moringa powder, adaptogenic Tulsi Green Tea, and a Neem supplement.

While every month is Earth Month at ORGANIC INDIA, we applaud the visibility and awareness that the annual Earth Month celebration brings. Year-round, we enact our mission of healthy, conscious living by partnering with small family farmers in advancing regenerative agriculture practices.

What does your brand do to help create a healthier environment and to treat the planet more respectfully every day?

Every step in our process of bringing organic products to consumers contributes to the environment. ORGANIC INDIA helped resurface longstanding regenerative growing practices in India — it has since become the model for these methods on that continent.

Our regenerative agriculture model has brought a return to robust biodiversity, replenished ancient water supplies, and helped rural farming communities achieve economic stability. We built India’s first LEEDs Platinum Certified natural food production facility and have increased our B Corp ranking score with each passing year since 2015, winning honors as a global changemaker in 2019. Every ORGANIC INDIA activity, from farmer to factory, is carefully considered in terms of environmental impact — the question we ask ourselves every day is “how can we go beyond eliminating negative environmental impact to positively contributing to the health of the environment and the planet with everything we do?”

Why is it important for your brand to be organic?

Organic is the essence of our brand — ORGANIC INDIA. It is the fundamental commitment our founders made 20-some years ago, and without it, we simply would not exist as a brand. Consumers can trust that every product we offer is not only certified organic but is the fruit of regenerative organic agriculture that improves the planet with every crop cycle.

What does organic do to make the planet healthier?

While organic methods and practices reduce pollutants in the form of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and we heartily endorse that, ORGANIC INDIA has moved beyond organic sustainability to organic regenerative agriculture — these are specific practices that contribute to actually improving the environment with every crop cycle, from soil health to increased biodiversity. Almost two decades of employing these methods in India have clearly demonstrated nature’s power to regenerate and recover if given a little assistance. We have discovered that trusting nature’s vast intelligence is the best way to work with her.

How can consumers celebrate Earth Month?

Embrace an organic lifestyle and choose organic products, but beyond that, learn more about organic regenerative agriculture, and how consumers can participate in this movement that not only increases our health, but the health of the planet via carbon sequestration, improved soil, and environmental recovery. The Kiss the Ground website is a great place to begin. Being an informed, educated consumer is one of the most crucial steps anyone can make in global change, and it’s a great way to celebrate Earth Month.

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