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By | March 30th, 2021 | Organic News |

In celebration of Earth Month, we are talking with organic brands and influencers to find out just what supporting organic does for the Earth. Today our Q&A is with Organic Valley.

Why is it important for your brand to celebrate Earth Month and how are you celebrating throughout the month?

Organic Valley is building a food system that is better for people, animals, and the earth. For the last 33 years, our cooperative of organic family farms has celebrated Earth Month with innovative programs like Earth Dinners, social engagement, and beyond. This year, people can follow along with our Earth Month journey on Instagram. We might even be sharing some big news about our commitment to a healthy earth.

What does your brand do to help create a healthier environment and to treat the planet more respectfully every day?

“Our family farms work with nature, not against it. Across the nation, our farmers do their part for the climate by putting more than half their land in pasture and woodlands, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, installing renewable energy systems, and keeping more than 440 million pounds of synthetic chemicals off the land. We do our part on the business side, too, by generating 100% of the electricity for our owned facilities from renewable sources, operating a robust recycling and composting program, following green building practices, and more.” – Organic Valley CEO Bob Kirchoff

Why is it important for your brand to be organic?

Everything we do is organic. We believe that organic is the healthy choice for people, animals, and the planet. Organic is literally in our name. All 1,700 farms and our over 100 products are certified organic. We are committed to fundamental organic principles like never using GMOs, toxic synthetic pesticides, or added hormones in anything we do.

What does organic do to make the planet healthier?

Organic food is made without toxic synthetic pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, and artificial hormones. Organic farms are a refuge for life, and, according to some studies, as much as 30% more life is found on organic pastures. Rotationally grazing cows, a foundational principle for Organic Valley farmers, helps sequester carbon and is good for people, animals, and the planet.

How can consumers celebrate Earth Month?

People who love organic food and care for the earth can follow @OrganicValley on Instagram to join in the celebrations all month long!

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