Edgar Hercila

By | April 28th, 2014 |

First-generation American and urban farmer, Edgar Hercila did agriculture development in war-torn areas of Iraq. After leaving the ARMY and coming home, he began growing organic food for inner-city schools as a core member of the Teaching Gardens, later adopted by The American Heart Association and now in over 300 schools nationally.

Edgar is the owner and operator of Civitas Organics Inc., a quarter-of-an-acre farm in an urban enclave of Orange County, CA, where Edgar’s family emigrated to from Mexico.

The purpose of Civitas Organics is to grow organic mixed vegetables in urban communities where the choice to purchase organically is not seen as an option.

A graduate of the VSAT (Veteran Sustainable Agriculture Training) program and a member of the FVC (Farmer-Veteran Coalition), Edgar is a shining example of a new breed of military veteran turned farmer, mobilizing to feed local communities.

Civitas Organics, we salute you!

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