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It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day is near and what better way to celebrate this love-filled day than to make a special gift for that special someone. Choose something delicious or creative to express your love with handmade Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Most of these gifts can be made with items lying around your home but all of them are sure to show loved ones just how much you care.

Homemade gifts for her:

  1. Love plant- Find a special glass container and plant some organic herbs or make a terrarium instead of purchasing flowers that won’t last. Any plant lover will be obsessed with this idea. You can personalize it by decorating the glass, adding shells, rocks, or crystals to the top of the soil.
  2. Date night in a box- This idea combines the fun of going out into a box that you can use to stay in. Grab a box and decorate the box to look like the theme of your date night. If you’re doing dinner and a movie, fill it with organic popcorn, a picture of the movie, their favorite organic candy, and their favorite organic beverage. But, don’t limit yourself if dinner and a movie isn’t your Valentine’s idea of a great date. Other ideas can be a relaxing date night box filled with bath salts, massage oil, and an organic bottle of wine. The theme is entirely up to you. What sets this apart is creativity.
  3. Bath tea- Make a bath tea out of flowers, tea, salts, and essential oils. Grab any mesh drawstring bag and fill it with dried flower petals, Epsom salt, chamomile tea, and essential oils. Simply drop this tea satchel in the water and let your Valentine soak away all their stress.

Homemade gifts for him:

  1. Goody jars- Fill jars with organic chocolates or homemade cookies and use a printable label to dress them up. Bottles can be any recycled jar you have in your home. Interesting bottles that normally hold capers, or olives make for nice chocolate jars whereas pickle jars make for good cookie jars. Decorate with paint, ribbon, glitter, or personalize with a poem or label. For a fun twist make chocolates or cookies into hearts and call it a jar of hearts. Get organic cookie recipes here.
  2. Memory booklet- Gather cards, love notes, a deck of cards and print your favorite texts, or emails between you and your Valentine to use as the pages of your booklet. Then poke two holes and use yarn, ribbon, twine, or string to turn them into a touching memory book. Decorate the front and back of the book with a special message.
  3. Groom kit- Make a self-care kit that suits your Valentine perfectly and includes homemade items like organic beard balm, lip scrub, along with a pumice stone, moisturizing lotion, oils, or an organic scent that he likes to wear. DIY a special container for the grooming kit like a crate or box and customize it with a leather wrap or rope to fit your Valentine’s esthetic.

Homemade gifts for kids:

  1. Valentine’s finger puppets- This craft idea can be made with your kids or made for your kids. Grab a hot glue gun, scissors, and felt to make the members of your family into finger puppets. Be sure to include a small heart on the shirt of each puppet to show the sentiment of the holiday. Use the finger puppets to put on a show, recite a love poem or simply place on top of a homemade card to show some love to your Valentine.
  2. Love conversation cookies- Send a unique message with homemade Valentine’s Day cookies. Use our organic cookie recipe roundup here. Write messages with icing or cut little paper hearts to personalize your special message to your Valentine.
  3. Puzzle necklaces- Find an old puzzle and two matching pieces and paint the puzzle pieces a matching color. Then paint the names of yourself and your Valentine’s name on each puzzle piece. Poke a small hole and turn it into a necklace, rearview mirror charm, or keychain. To make the piece resistant to damage, coat with a couple of layers of clear glue.

We hope these simple but thoughtful ideas spark some creativity this season. When choosing Valentine’s Day treats, be sure to choose organic. If you’re looking to pair your DIY gift with something purchased use our gift guide here.

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