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By | October 30th, 2018 | Organic News |

Event Details: Honest Tea will be taking over the Only Organic Instagram account on Monday, November 5th. Honest Tea’s co-founder Seth Goldman will be debuting the brand’s new flavor of tea.

Do you love turmeric? You’re going to love this tea! Too-meric or Ter-meric? Herbal or ‘erbal? As long as we can agree on the pronunciation of pineapple, we’ll get along just fine! Wondering how Honest Tea got to its newest flavor, Golden Turmeric Pineapple Herbal Tea? Make sure you tune in to Tea Time with Seth on our Instagram stories Nov 5th!

What: An organic brand Instagram takeover featuring Honest Tea and co-founder Seth Goldman. They will have full control over the Only Organic Instagram account to share anything they want. Tune to see what they do on Instagram!

WhereOn the Only Organic Instagram account.

Brand: Honest Tea


Win a case of our GTP Herbal Tea exclusively sold at Whole Foods Market. To enter simply follow both @only_organicguarantees and @honesttea and tag a friend who would love to win this prize! One winner will be selected at random on November 5th.

Not familiar with Honest Tea?

Learn more about this awesome brand here.

Brand Handle: @honesttea

Takeover Hashtags: #organichonesttea

When: Monday, November 5th

Why: Because Only Organic is committed to sharing the best brands and resources with you in interactive fun ways.

How: Want to join in the fun? Just follow us on Instagram on November 5th. Are you new to Instagram takeovers? Leave us a comment on Instagram and we will answer any and all questions.

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