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During Earth Month, we packed in many events featuring our organic partners’ commitment to a healthy planet. To recap the events, and further celebrate Earth Month, we’ve put together an Earth Month roundup blog.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Food Production and Climate Change:

In early April we published a new blog addressing the most asked questions about organic food production, agriculture and climate change. Only Organic is committed to elevating the conversation on food production and climate-friendly solutions. Read the most commonly asked questions here.

Earth Day Twitter Party:

Our annual Organic Earth Day Twitter party was on April 9, 2023, and featured seven organic panelists. During the live chat, we trended the #OrganicForThePlanet hashtag nationally and reached 3,110,710 Twitter users and created 3,807,921 unique impressions. Catch up on the fun organic Earth Day GIFs and conversation here.

Earth Month Q&A with Charlotte Vallaeys

We also hosted a Q&A with organic expert Charlotte Vallaeys on Instagram. Charlotte is the Organic Expert at General Mills with a MS/PhD Candidate in Agriculture, Food, & Environment from Tufts University. View one of Charlotte’s answers here.

Earth Month Instagram Takeover with Orgain:

An Instagram takeover is a process of taking over someone else’s Instagram account temporarily and sharing content with their audience. Orgain took over our Instagram account on April 13, 2023, to talk about some of the things they do to help the environment and be sustainable. Review the content here.

Earth Month Instagram Takeover with Pact:

Pact is an organic clothing brand and they carry the slogan: “We make Earth’s Favorite™ clothing for the whole family.” Pact took over our Instagram account on April 27, 2023, to talk about the brand and its sustainability efforts within the fashion space. View the Instagram takeover highlight here.

Earth Month Reels:

We featured several reels in support of organic and earth day!

View our reels here:

Earth Day Instagram Reel and Earth Month Highlight:

On Earth Day we launched an Instagram reel highlighting the importance of choosing organic over conventional on this special day and every other day. Our organic brand partners put on quite the display of Earth Month content as well. We captured it on Instagram in this highlight.

Climate-Friendly Recipes: 

Did you know the recipes you make can be climate-friendly? Choosing certified organic and local are the most important factors to consider when choosing climate-friendly food. Use this recipe roundup to inspire your climate-friendly meals in celebration of Earth Month!

Organic Earth Month Live Instagram Interview with Uncle Matt’s:

Watch our live interview with Uncle Matt’s. During our exclusive interview with Susan and Matt McLean, we discussed how organic agriculture mitigates climate change and supports a healthy planet. Watch the live conversation here. We also clipped a small section of our interview and turned it into a reel here.

Links to some of the studies we discussed during Earth Month are below:

Help us celebrate the Earth every month by skipping the chemicals and choosing organic.

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