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Happy New Year! We are kicking off 2018 with a new challenge for those of you looking to get more organic food into your home, but who need some guidance on how to swap out conventional with organic. Our eight-week challenge starts today: For the next two months, we are encouraging you to swap a conventional product with an organic alternative.

Here at Only Organic, we are going to identify the best organic products from our organic partners to swap with the conventional products you might be eating at home or in the office. So, grab a friend and join in the fun. Every other week we will introduce a meal category and guide you through alternatives.

The challenge schedule is as follows:

  • Jan 4, Breakfast
  • Jan 18, Lunch
  • February 1, Snack
  • February 15, Dinner

Week One

Only Organic Swap Challenge: Breakfast

Top 3 Breakfast Swaps:

  1. Cereal
  • Why to swap:

Don’t be tricked by “natural” cereals with false nutrition claims. Cereal boxes are notorious for all sorts of packaging claims touting amazing mineral content, vitamin enhancements, and superfood ingredients. If you really want to avoid GMOs, synthetics, high sugar content, pick cereals from companies committed to organic ingredients. Our top pick among cereal brands has to be Nature’s Path Organic Foods. Explore their hot and cold cereal options here.

  1. Smoothies
  • Why to swap:

Adding organic fruits to a blender sounds easy enough, but what about those proteins and supplements – are they organic too? The best protein powders provide high-quality protein in organic, plant-based forms with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Organic protein powder promotes better intestinal results because it is easily absorbed and free of certain inactive ingredients that can cause negative reactions in some people. Our top picks for organic protein powder come from Orgain. And the company also happens to have amazing smoothie recipes to help you use its top products in your smoothies.

  1. Dairy and Eggs
  • Why to swap dairy:

Organic dairy is a must swap for any breakfast. There are many reasons we’d recommend a swap immediately, but we’ve narrowed it down to four facts.

  • Organic dairy animals must be pasture grazed throughout the grazing season.
  • All of the supplemental feed organic dairy animals are fed must be organic, with no persistent pesticide use.
  • Organic dairy animals are raised without antibiotics or endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as hormones and steroids.
  • Organic dairy products have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids than conventional dairy products.

Our top brands for organic dairy products are Stonyfield, Annie’s, and Organic Valley.

  • Why to swap eggs:

Organic eggs are also a breakfast must.

  • Organic eggs are higher in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Organic eggs are free of antibiotic residues.
  • Organic eggs contain no arsenic, which is added to factory-farmed chicken-feed to prevent infections and spur growth.

Our top picks for organic eggs are from Organic Valley and Pete & Gerry’s.

Breakfast Swap Hacks:

  • Where to buy:

All of the recommended brands have store locators and are available nationwide.

  • Get coupons from the brands mentioned in this challenge:

Orgain coupon

Stonyfield coupon

Annie’s coupon

Pete & Gerry’s coupon

Organic Valley coupon

If we didn’t cover your favorite breakfast item, get more of our healthy breakfast ideas here.

So now that you’ve seen week one, can you do it? Challenge a friend to take the organic swap adventure with you.

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