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By | November 27th, 2023 | Organic News |

Are you eating organic citrus?

In a recent study, grapes, and oranges top the list of sampled fruit and vegetables contaminated with pesticides. The official figures, analyzed by Pesticide Action Network (PAN), “found 122 different pesticides in the 12 most polluted products. Many of these are hazardous to human health; 61% are classified as highly hazardous pesticides.”

“The list of pesticides includes 47 with links to cancer, 15 “reproductive or developmental toxins” that can have adverse effects on sexual function and fertility, and 17 cholinesterase inhibitors that can impair the respiratory system and cause confusion, headaches, and weakness. A quarter of the pesticides found are suspected endocrine disruptors that can interfere with hormone systems, causing an array of health problems including birth defects and developmental disorders.”

Thankfully when you choose certified organic citrus products like Uncle Matt’s, you will skip all the chemicals used in conventional citrus production.

Today we are launching our Organic Citrus Giveaway with Uncle Matt’s Organic. Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to win $50.00 worth of Uncle Matt’s Organic! This giveaway ends at midnight Eastern Standard Time on January 12th.

Enter to win an organic prize from Uncle Matt’s!

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