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By | November 19th, 2021 | Organic News |

Are you feeding your dog organic dog treats? We’d like to introduce you to one of Only Organic’s newest organic brand partners. We are excited for an ongoing partnership to discuss the importance of organic for both humans and dogs.

Lord Jameson is an organic dog treat company “on a mission to elevate the uniquely special bond that you share with your four-legged family members. They have exceptional flavors achieved by using real holistic organic ingredients with nutritional benefits. These treats are great for picky eaters, all breeds and life stages.”

Learn more about Lord Jameson in this interview.

Why organic:

A note from Lord Jameson: “Organic ingredients are better for dogs because they don’t have any harmful chemicals or toxins. They also have a lower environmental impact than conventional produce because they don’t involve the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. These products can pose less health risks to your dog due to natural toxins being absent from them. Speaking of organic, we are incredibly proud to share that our treats are USDA Organic Certified! Our goal is to treat your dog to an amazing culinary experience that’s tasty and good for them!”

They’ve done a full blog about why organic matters – check it out here.

Enter to win an organic dog treat gift pack here!

Three lucky winners will receive:

  • Four bags of Lord Jameson dog treats

This prize is valued at over $52.00

Enter the Organic Dog Treat Giveaway here.

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