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By | January 29th, 2014 | Organic News |

Only the organic seal guarantees that food has been produced without toxic pesticides, genetically engineered ingredients, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Thanks to tough federal standards, consumers know what they’re getting when they buy organic food.

But many people are confused by “natural” and other misleading claims that suggest benefits only organic food delivers.  Unlike organic food, foods bearing the “natural” claim don’t have to meet any standards – at all!

By contrast, organic farmers and food companies have nothing to hide. We’re dedicated to the notion that consumers should know exactly what they’re getting.

That’s why we launched this web site. Our aim is to help cultivate a better understanding of what organic really means and the benefits it provides.

By broadening understanding of the organic seal, we hope to help consumers understand that only “organic” guarantees that food is produced in a way that Mother Nature intended.

In the coming months, you’ll see more stories about organic farmers and industry pioneers, more details about the benefits of organic food,and more information to help clear up the confusion created by misleading “natural” claims.

Of course, few Americans will eat organic food at every meal.  But  taking a few small steps can lead to big changes in your health and the world around you.

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