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This year at Only Organic, we have seen countless stories that have highlighted the importance of eating organic, supporting farmers, and ensuring food security during the pandemic. Only Organic has focused on these topics as well including content on the health benefits of eating organic, highlighting organic farmers, the importance of using organic and natural cleaning products,and introducing our supporters to organic textiles. We also continued our Skip the Chemicals campaign, which highlights the more than 700 chemicals that are prohibited from use in organic. Our Skip the Chemicals video, “The World’s Most Skippable Ad”, was mentioned in a Time Magazine article about Superbowl ads and also won the Gold Shorty Award in the important YouTube category for best video in 2020!

We recognize that this giving season may look different so we’ve gathered some unique ideas for gift-giving this year that can help you and your loved ones enjoy an organic holiday.

Donate to Only Organic:

We would not be able to do any of this work without support from you. We thank you for sharing our content, joining our online events, and reading our emails throughout the year. If you’d like to support our work in 2021 with a gift, your tax-deductible donation will go straight towards our work spreading the truth about organic food, farming and products. You can also make a donation to our campaign in a loved-ones name as a gift. Give a gift to Only Organic here.

Support An Organic Farmer With Your Gifts:

  • Gift a CSA share this holiday. Community-supported agriculture, or CSA, is emerging as a convenient and cost-effective way to buy organic product and also support local farmers. Find a local organic farmer or CSA in your area or the recipient’s neighborhood here.
  • Gift farm stand gift certificates. Give the gift of a farm stand or farm gift certificate. Farmers often offer gift certificates for produce boxes, farm stands or prepared farm foods. Contact your local farmer or review their website for holiday offerings.
  • Purchase a CSA delivery subscription from a service that supports organic farmers. We recommend Misfits Market, Farmbox or Imperfect Foods.

Gifts That Give Organic Food:

  • Purchase some organic seeds. We recommend seeds from High Mowing Seeds and Johnny’s Seeds.
  • Purchase organic houseplants like herbs and miniature fruit-trees.
  • Gift a subscription to Thrive Market. Thrive Market is an online store that guarantees savings on your favorite organic brands, delivered to your door.
  • Create a recipe box for your special friends or relatives with any of our supporting brands. Use our holiday recipes to get inspired.

Homemade Organic Gifts:

  • Make Organic Bath Soaks: Layer Epsom salt, dried organic flowers, organic coconut oil and organic essential oils in a jar and share this relaxing and healthy gift with a loved one.
  • Make a dried herb satchel or potpourri out of flowers herbs and essential oils. We suggest fragrant herbs and flowers such as lavender, roses, rosemary and mint. You can also use essential oils to add organic fragrance to any mixture of potpourri.
  • Give the gift of an organic food basket. Fill a basket with your own produce, holiday cookie recipes or organic food products to share with a loved one.

Organic Gifts for her:

Organic Gifts for him:

Organic Gifts for little ones:

Organic stocking stuffer picks:

We hope this organic gift-guide has inspired you to give the gift of organic to your loved ones this season. If you didn’t find the exact gift you had in mind, peruse our supporting organic brands that each have holiday-inspired gifts on their websites. Use our Only Organic brand directory here. As our way of saying thank you, we’ve launched an organic giveaway this year featuring 9 prizes from supporting organic brands here. Each organic brand will be giving away $50 worth of organic products. Learn more about the Only Organic Holiday Giveaway here. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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