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Guest blog from Nature’s Path with Ashley Koff RD.  Originally published on the Nature’s Path blog.

Ashley Koff, RD believes better nutrition should be simple – but so often isn’t. The internationally renowned Registered Dietician has dedicated her career to helping everyone find their way to better nutrition, simplified. For Ashley, better nutrition means quality. She champions organic as part of her Qualitarian approach to eating – which is why she’s one of our Organic People. We hope you’re as inspired as we are by her love for organic!

Nature’s Path (NP): What does living organically mean to you?

Ashley Koff, RD (AK): Today we have a lot of short cuts at our disposal – and while I love to get somewhere more quickly or have something be easier, shortcuts don’t seem to work when it comes to health. And by shortcuts, I am really talking about that chemistry lab project going on in our bodies when we eat processed foods, shortcuts that fall under the category of “just because someone can doesn’t mean we should.”
For me, living organically means continuously assessing the path that I am on to make sure that it is one that is better for me and in doing so, doesn’t compromise anyone else or the environment. I choose to take a little (or a lot) of extra time and effort (when I can) to evaluate my choices, and take responsibility for my choices. It’s not about perfection – as living organically is decidedly not perfect – but rather about being healthful and hopeful, as my better quality choices hopefully inspire others to live organically too.

NP What was your first experience with organics?

AK Breast milk! I don’t remember it too well though.

NP How did organics become part of your life?

AK I started making choices. I experienced what made me feel good physically and also I felt good emotionally because I gained empowerment from making informed choices. When you feel good, it’s contagious. I wanted to learn more and continue to feel good, so organic became a pursuit.

NP What do you see as the benefits of organics in your life? And in the world?

AK It’s the hope for a healthier future – in my lifetime and beyond. The benefits are giving my body what it recognizes most easily – it’s like I’m a really good boss, helping my employee (by body) not feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the workload. What that means for the world is my choices support people, communities, and the environment which pays back to me in good health, as well as forward into the future.

NP How do you share your passion for organics?

AK I talk a lot! But I also work hard at listening. And when I listen I learn how people are confused and frustrated and not feeling their best. My efforts to help are genuinely passionate and as I touch people they become advocates for organic, joining me and other Qualitarians in our effort to make better quality choices the norm.

NP Do you buy or grow?

AK Both!

NP What do you wish the world understood about organics?
AK I wish the world didn’t have to understand anything other than that organic is by definition from the Earth as nature intended.


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