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Ocho Candy will be taking over the Only Organic Instagram account this Friday, October 19th. They’ll be sharing some great facts about organic candy and giving you an inside look at how you can have an organic Halloween.

Event Details:

What: An organic brand Instagram takeover featuring Ocho Candy. They will have full control over the Only Organic Instagram account to share anything they want.

WhereOn the Only Organic Instagram account.

Brand: Ocho Candy

Who is Ocho anyway?:

“Why can’t anybody make great tasting organic candy bars? That was the question weighing on Denis Ring’s mind. Being a natural food expert, he was certain it was just a matter of time before a delicious, organic all-American candy bar would hit stores. However, years passed and nothing happened. This is when Denis took matters into his own hands. Denis wanted some honest feedback, so he brought these early samples to his friend and entrepreneur, Scott Kucirek. Scott was skeptical at first but became a believer after just one bite. Denis invited Scott to join him in building a truly innovative organic candy company. In 2010, OCHO Candy was formed. “We’re not trying to make the most candy bars, or be the largest (manufacturer) possible,” said Scott, “we’re focused on a quality, organic product.”

Learn more about this awesome brand here.

Brand Handle: @ochocandy

Takeover Hashtags: #organichalloween

When: Friday, October 19th

Why: Because Only Organic is committed to sharing the best brands and resources with you in interactive fun ways.

How: Want to join in the fun? Just follow us on Instagram.

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