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By | January 5th, 2015 |

Andy and Rachel Berliner are the co-founders of Amy’s Kitchen, the nation’s leading source of organic and non-GMO convenience food. The couple got the idea one night in 1987 when Andy brought home what he describes as a “horrible” ready-made meal for Rachel. Believing they could do better, the husband-wife team began working on a kitchen-made Vegetable Pot Pie recipe that used fresh, local, organic ingredients and was, above all else, delicious. They named the company after their then infant daughter, Amy.

Today, the company produces more than 250  foods from scratch in its own kitchens. All Amy’s products, from soups and sauces, to burritos, pizzas and whole meals, are made with organic ingredients, are non-GMO, and do not contain hydrogenated fats. Amy’s remains a privately held, family-owned business and is one of the few remaining U.S. companies to craft its own recipes, source its own ingredients, and make its products in-house. Amy’s prides itself on being like a home kitchen, only bigger. “Other companies manufacture food,” explains Andy Berliner, “we cook it.”

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