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By | January 20th, 2015 |

When Dr. Andrew Abraham was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17, one of the biggest challenges he encountered was nutrition. The aggressive treatment made Andrew nauseous and he dropped to an alarming 100 pounds.  While his doctor recommended nutritional shakes to help him gain weight, Andrew quickly discovered that most “nutritional” shakes are anything but nutritious, filled with corn syrup, genetically modified soy, artificial flavors, hormones, antibiotics and low quality non-organic ingredients that keep costs low and profits high.

At that time Andrew made it his mission to formulate a drink that would actually make a difference to his health. It had to be certified organic, lower in sugar, high in organic protein, and also be free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colorings. After exhaustive work and research, and a lot of time in his kitchen working with real organic ingredients, Andrew finally developed the perfect formulation that would later become Orgain®.

Today, Andrew is proud that Orgain® nutritional shakes are supporting thousands in their own battles with illness, and delighted that so many folks around the country have discovered Orgain® shakes and protein powders as a helpful tool to maintain and optimize their good health, as a post workout shake or a better-for-you meal on the go.

Watch this video to hear Andrew tell his story first hand and visit Orgain.com to learn more.

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