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Organic Voices, with support of more than 100 brands and organizations, launches campaign to highlight lack of chemicals in organic

Skip the chemicals and just go with organic.’

WASHINGTON – Today, Only Organic – a project of the non-profit, Organic Voices – launched a new campaign highlighting the more than 700 chemicals prohibited from use in organic food, farming, and products.

In a rare show of unity from a single industry, more than 100 organic sector brands, many of whom compete on multiple levels, have come together to support the campaign and its message: Skip the chemicals and just go with organic.

Beyond organic brands and businesses, the campaign is supported by national public interest groups and influencers who care deeply about a more sustainable and healthy food system and reducing consumers’ dietary exposure to the growing number of synthetic chemical ingredients awash in conventional foods.

Some of the chemicals used in conventional food have been linked to serious health problems. Many of these chemicals are not reviewed by independent experts but are instead deemed “safe” by chemical manufacturers, food companies or industry trade associations.

Companies do not need government approval to add most of the chemicals used in conventional packaged food. In contrast, federal regulators and independent experts are required to screen any ingredients before they are approved for use in organic, and are only permitted if there is no natural or organic alternative.

The concept behind the campaign is simple: Rather than reading a long list of unpronounceable chemicals that may or may not pose potential health risks, consumers can skip this list and have peace of mind by searching for and buying products with the USDA organic seal.

To launch the campaign, Only Organic created “The World’s Most Skippable Ad,” a 30-minute video featuring two parents washing dishes while literally singing the names of the more than 700 chemicals allowed in conventional farming and food manufacturing. Throughout the ridiculously long video, the couple repeatedly urges viewers to skip the ad and the long list of chemicals and just buy organic instead. The “Skip the Chemicals” campaign features a series of other creative ads and content targeting a broad spectrum of Americans, along with a website which consumers should also skip scrolling through.

There has never been a campaign of this magnitude with so much support from such diverse parties within the organic industry and beyond. Among the more than 100 companies and organizations supporting the initiative are Amy’s Kitchen, Applegate, Organic Valley, Lundberg Family Farms, Stonyfield Organic, The Organic Trade Association and Environmental Working Group.

“’Skip the chemicals and just go with organic’ is a pretty straight-forward message that most people can appreciate,” said Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Organic Voices. “Americans should not have to read a long list of chemicals on the back of their products and wonder if any will cause harm to themselves and their family. We want to make it simple: you can skip this long list of chemicals and just go with organic.”

“We are in a unique position, that as a food industry it is not just our goal to make profit. It is also to take better care of the People and the Planet by creating sustainable products and systems. We provide healthier options for consumers and a healthier environment for future generations,” said Xavier Unkovic, President, Amy’s Kitchen. “It is exciting to help consumers understand what organic truly means and all the real benefits–all the way from the seed to the table.”

Grant Lundberg, CEO of Lundberg Family Farms said, “Conventional food labeling can be confusing – requiring a Ph.D. in chemistry to understand what you and your family may be eating.  There is a simple answer to this challenge.  Choose Organic.  You will be assured that your food will not contain over 700 chemicals.”

“People want plain, simple, and economically feasible options when it comes to feeding their families. They do not want to spend time worrying about a long list of chemicals on the back of package. Skip all those chemicals and go with organic, plain and simple. ” said Corinne Shindelar, CEO of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association.

“This campaign could not have come at a better time,” said John Ghingo, president of Applegate, the leading natural and organic meat brand.  “Consumers are confused and exhausted with all the messages and information coming at them, and unfortunately, the simplicity of organic has been lost.  This campaign cuts to the chase: organic is a really easy way to identify the cleanest and purest food.”

Robert Kirchoff, CEO of Organic Valley said, “It’s central to the Organic Valley mission that we provide consumers with organic products they can feel good about. Part of executing on this mission is educating consumers about the benefits of organic — but this process requires the voices of many. Coming together as an industry with a unified voice is an important step in the right direction.”

This program is supported by the Organic Trade Association’s industry-invested GRO Organic voluntary research, promotion, and education initiative.

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