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The Pretenders – Nothing “Natural” About Them

“If they have to put the word ‘natural’ on a box to convince you, it probably isn’t.”
~Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation

Food labels that claim a food is “natural” may not guarantee that food is good for you or for nature. In fact, many so-called “natural” foods are grown with the toxic chemical pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and genetically engineered seeds that are harming people and the planet. Only the organic seal guarantees that food is being made in ways that Mother Nature intended.

FDA considers “natural” food to mean “nothing artificial or synthetic (including colors regardless of source) is included in, or has been added to, the product that would not normally be expected to be there.” But, federal regulators do not enforce the policy. And, many heavily processed foods containing “unnatural” ingredients designed to make food look better or last longer carry the “natural” label.

Some familiar foods using the “all-natural” promise include:

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