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Introducing Lord Jameson, a new organic brand partner of Only Organic! We are excited to introduce this new brand to you today with an Organic Pioneer Q&A. Lord Jameson is an organic dog treat company “on a mission to elevate the uniquely special bond that you share with your four-legged family members. They have exceptional flavors achieved by using real holistic organic ingredients with nutritional benefits. These treats are great for picky eaters, all breeds and life stages.” Learn more about Lord Jameson’s founder, Sarah Goldberger, in this interview.

Organic Pioneer: Sarah Goldberger

Organic Brand: Lord Jameson

Location: New York + Boulder, CO

  • Why did you choose to create a certified organic product?

I have been eating organic for nearly two decades. I grew up in Southern California and had access to incredible produce, farms, and health and wellness experts in my surround. I became a health nut at a very young age and have been committed to my mantra and organic lifestyle ever since.

As both a human and dog mom, everything I feed my little beings is organic and has a nutritional purpose. It never even crossed my mind to create a conventional dog treat. It had to be organic and to the highest quality or nutritional standard or I could never get behind it.

I switched Jameson, my sweet 11-year-old cocker spaniel, to an Organic diet about 7 years ago and saw the dramatic impact it has had on his health and overall well-being. I wanted to share our story and product offering to improve the health and wellness of dogs across the world. I also hope to inspire more pet food brands to stop using conventional ingredients and make the switch to Organic to best serve our canine friends.

  • How long has your brand been certified organic?

We have been in business for a little over 5 years and have used 100% Organic Certified ingredients since the very first batch. We began our USDA Organic Certification process just before the pandemic. During this time, we outgrew our production kitchen in Boulder, CO three times!

We settled on a new space in the heart of Boulder, CO this past spring had the kitchen certified immediately.

We are also Gluten-Free certified and working on a few more exciting certifications to best represent the product offering.

  • Is it difficult to source certified organic ingredients?

Sourcing certified organic ingredients was a bit more challenging in the early stages of the company. We have a strong system and structure in place now.

After five years of scouting and searching, we identified an amazing group of farmers, suppliers, and vendors who share our vision and mission. They work together with our production team and allocate the best organic ingredients in a timely fashion.

  • What myth would you like to bust about being an organic food pioneer or the organic industry as a whole?

Being an organic food pioneer is incredibly rewarding. Our entire team goes to bed every night knowing we are formulating the highest quality, best tasting, and healthiest dog treats.

I hope our mission serves to elevate the importance of feeding dogs an organic diet rich in nutrients and saying NO to preservatives, toxins, and artificial ingredients. Like humans, these ingredients have a negative impact on a dog’s health over time.

  • What is the biggest challenge you face as an organic pioneer?

Our biggest challenge is the supply on some of our more unique ingredients. By nature, organic food requires more land and resources. However, in the past few years, we have seen explosive growth within our organic ingredient supply partners. This has minimized the challenge and allowed for a more turn-key supply.

  • Where do you see organic food, farming, and products in the next 5 years?

I see the organic food and farming sector booming in the next 5 years and beyond. The explosive growth of social media and online platforms has allowed consumers to become more educated about the food they eat and feed to their families (dogs included!). Also, the advocacy around transparency in food production has become incredibly strong. There is an innate sense of curiosity that we are seeing among millennials that will deeply touch generations to follow.

  • What advice would you give to a younger generation of entrepreneurs looking to get into the organic industry?

Don’t give up! There is tremendous opportunity in the market for new products. Be innovative, creative, imaginative, and design your product and brand with a purpose and from your heart. Stay focused and committed to your cause no matter how impossible it seems. And most important, give back in the process.

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Lord Jameson is a proud member of the 1% Of The Planet and very excited to partner with Only Organic!

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