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Spring is the right time to refresh everything, from diet to wardrobe to home. And in case you can’t tell, we are passionate about choosing organic over conventional products – and excited about the chance to renew and refresh this season.

Here are six ways to refresh for spring and renew your commitment to organic.

  1. Support local organic farmers

Although it’s great to support a local organic farmer any time, spring is especially helpful, because it’s when farmers grow what their customers will purchase. Joining a CSA (Community Service Agriculture) or shopping frequently at your local farmers market will keep farmers happily growing all season long.

Most produce travels about 1,500 miles from farm to plate, and this long-distance, large-scale transportation of food consumes significant quantities of fossil fuels. The energy from fossil fuel needed to transport our food is about 10 times what we get from ingesting the calories in the food itself. Organic and local food is better for the environment closest to you, it helps reduce the impact of climate change, and it offsets carbon emissions.

For a deeper dive into the importance of organic and local, visit these two blogs:

  1. Eat food in season

Spring foods

It’s always important to know which fruits and vegetables are in season when you shop at the grocery store or local market. In-season produce is the most affordable, because it’s the most plentiful. It will also taste best, since it’s harvested at the peak of freshness. Take a look at our seasonal guide for more information.

 The most delicious part of spring is the seasonal food. To inspire you, we’ve curated a roundup of spring recipes that include organic spring greens, berries, fresh local eggs, and asparagus. Get organic season-specific recipes from our supporting brand partners here.

  1. Refresh your home with non-toxic products

The use of products with toxic ingredients defeats the purpose of cleaning to enjoy a healthy home. Studies show that cleaning with toxic chemicals can have adverse health consequences, like lowered immunity and antibiotic resistance.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, there isn’t enough science to show that over-the-counter antibacterial soaps prevent illness better than plain soap and warm water do. We all want pristine homes, especially in the spring, but when we look at our choice of cleaning products, we may wonder which are safest.

We’ve come up with some spring cleaning solutions that will help you clean your home and stay healthy all year long. When you make the choice to buy products without the chemicals, you’re casting a vote for a healthier future for us all.

  1. Spring detox

Spring is when nature renews and refreshes itself, and why not follow her lead? If you’re already spring-cleaning your home, take it a step further with a spring detox to remove the waste and toxins that may have built up in your body because winter indulgences.

Or, as organic food advocate Dr. Mark Hyman puts it, “A detox diet is a way to clean house inside and out.”

Cleansing the body is different for everyone. If you choose to consume certified organic foods only, you’re already naturally detoxing. The use of insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and weedkillers is strictly monitored in organic food production, so you can decide to opt for organic as a way to eliminate the more than 700 chemicals in the foods and products that come from conventional agriculture.

If you’re ready for your spring detox, here are the best organic foods consume, plus simple ways to incorporate cleansing into every meal.

  1. Spring recycling and donating

Spring cleaning may inspire a pantry or closet clean-out. Maybe you’ve collected too many knickknacks or décor items that need to be donated. From clothing to tchotchkes, the excess in our lives can consume stagnant energy. Paring down can free space and become a blessing for ourselves and other people.

Donating may be something you’re not familiar with, and you may be tempted to put unwanted things in the trash instead. But donating is always better than dumping. We’ve identified 10 ways to reduce waste and help the environment by making small changes in your daily routine. Read more on our blog.

  1. Commit to organic products 

If you’re new to organic, you might not be convinced about the most important reasons to go that route.

Organic is good for your health and the environment – studies link eating organic to a variety of health benefits. A study from Friends of the Earth showed that switching to an organic diet decreased levels of cancer-causing glyphosate – the main ingredient in Bayer-Monsanto’s pesticide Roundup – in participants’ bodies by 70 percent in just one week.

Aside from the more than 700 chemicals you avoid by choosing organic instead of conventional foods and products, there are plenty of other reasons to make it a commitment. Organic production also prohibits the use of antibiotics, and that lowers the development of antibiotic resistance, according to several studies. The research found lower rates of contamination from antibiotic-resistant bacteria on organic animal products, compared to conventional.

We have an entire campaign – Skip the Chemicals – that shows how many chemicals you skip by simply choosing organic. We hope this blog refreshes your spirit and inspires your cleaning, detoxing, and refreshing journey.

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