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By | May 30th, 2019 | Organic News |

Since glyphosate and Roundup are in the news so much these days from residues being found in cereal to cancer cases resulting in unanimous verdicts against Bayer/Monsanto, it makes consumers wonder, what’s next for glyphosate? We’ve pulled together the latest articles and actions to take relating to glyphosate and Roundup here. 

Monsanto hit with staggering $2 billion verdict in Roundup cancer suit

Monsanto lost again on Roundup. What’s next for glyphosate?

Midwest farmers have been big users of controversial weedkiller, records show

Key West just banned the herbicide that is costing Monsanto big bucks at jury trials

Consultant poses as journalist in Monsanto trial

Bayer’s Strategy on Roundup Litigation Rests on EPA Glyphosate Finding

Monsanto ‘compiled dossier’ on political opponents

The EPA is meant to protect us. The Monsanto trials suggest it isn’t doing that

Minister confirms France to end glyphosate use by 2021

U.S. criticizes Vietnam ban of glyphosate herbicide imports

Take action!

The EPA is considering a petition to protect our food from glyphosate, but the agency recently declared that glyphosate is safe, ignoring scientific studies that say otherwise.

We need to overwhelm the EPA with comments if we’re going to get the agency to side with science over pesticide industry propaganda.

Tell the EPA to protect our health, not pesticide industry profits! Sign our petition urging the EPA to get glyphosate out of our food.

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