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By | November 15th, 2018 | Organic News |

One of the most challenging times for folks to continue their organic lifestyle is while traveling. We hear this concern is especially raised during the holiday season – so we’ve pulled together some hacks to help with this struggle.

  1. Pack and Ride: For a car or plane ride, pack a cooler and snack bags for the kids with their favorite organic snacks, which will cull the temptation to stop at gas stations or a fast food restaurant at the airport.
  2. Find Fresh Organic Food: Make a point of visiting a farmers market, supermarket or an organic farm along the way. Unless you’re traveling out of the country, you can bring some fresh fruit and veggies on the plane and to your final destination. Some countries have restrictions on fresh foods, so check ahead. If you can’t bring food with you, research the local farmers’ markets and grocery options. Search ahead of time for restaurants that offer organic choices on the menu. Be sure to call ahead and make sure their hours fit your schedule and use our resources page to assist you in your planning.
  3. Before You Book: Call ahead! Many vacation destinations make special accommodations for food allergies and special dietary needs. Avoiding pesticides and GMOs takes little extra thought and time, but it’s well worth it. Choose a hotel or bed and breakfast that caters to organic eaters. If you can’t locate one, opt for a hotel room that has a kitchen so you can stock up and cook your own organic fare.
  4. Dry Whole Food Packs: One hack for eating organic on the go is packing your organic dry staples like trail mix, jerky, pasta, teas, coffee, snack bars, cereals, and snack bags. Dry goods can be the perfect fuel to get you from meal to meal. If those snacks are organic and packed from home, you’ll have a nice base of protein and healthy snacks while trekking around. Dry goods are also easy to pack in a purse, backpack or carry on.
  5. Research Organic Musts: Another hack is to get informed on how your favorite foods are produced. If you’re eating out and looking to stay away from foods that are genetically engineered or heavily sprayed by persistent pesticides use Just Label It’s resources and EWG’s Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ to stay informed.

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