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By | August 22nd, 2019 | Organic News |

It’s that time of year again! As summer ends and school begins, we thought it would be helpful to share five hacks to creating healthy habits and kicking off the school year on the right foot.

  1. Add Organic Into Your Diet: Obviously, the easiest way to incorporate organic is to add organic ingredients in your breakfast and lunch. Use our back to school recipe ideas here.
  2. Buy From The Farmer: Cut costs on organic by buying directly from your local farmer: Cutting out the middleman (a.k.a. the grocery store) and buying your organic produce directly from a farmer will definitely save you money and time. Other than heading to a farmer’s market, you can also join a CSA, or community-supported agriculture, program.  Use our resources page to identify your local organic farmers, farmers markets, CSAs and online buying clubs here.
  3. Shop With The Kids: Incorporate the kids into a Sunday shopping trip to the farmer’s market or local store that carries organic food. Getting kids on board during the shopping trip ensures everyone is excited about the meals, snacks, and treats they’ll be eating that week.
  4. Food Preparation: Sunday is also a great day to get the whole family on board for food preparation for the week. Making salad jars, or batch cooking can make a busy week so much easier. Having a plan for healthy food will benefit everyone in the first couple of weeks of adjusting to the new routine.
  5. Eat With The Season: Choose your meals around seasonal produce so you’ll get better, fresher fruits and veggies. It’s also just more cost-effective. Summer is prime harvest time for most produce, so you’ll be able to buy everything from fresh corn to apples at the best price, as summer comes to an end take advantage of the final phases of harvest and freeze or can foods so come December you can still enjoy affordable organic crops.

The best part of this time of year is its a time where both students and parents can refresh their commitments to a healthy lifestyle. Back-to-school is a time of returning to a routine and implementing some healthy habits. We hope we’ve made this transition easier with these tips. Share this post with parents and let us know if we missed any great ideas for back-to-school.

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