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1. Choose certified organic foods. Certified organic products cannot contain genetically engineered ingredients.

2. For the car ride, pack a cooler and snack bags for the kids with their favorite organic snacks so you won’t be tempted to stop at the gas station or fast food restaurant.

3. Do your research! Use a store locator to find stores that carry organic products and plan them into your trip. Make a point of visiting a farmers’ market or organic farm along the way. Call ahead and make sure the hours fit your schedule. http://www.onlyorganic.org/organic-companies/

4. Make and freeze your favorite organic crock-pot meals. Bring the crock-pot and prepared meals in a cooler. Many families cannot risk eating food contaminated with allergens, pesticides or GMOs. It’ll take extra time but will save money and guarantee that your meals are GMO-free.

5. Call ahead! Many vacation destinations make special accommodations for food allergies and special dietary needs. Avoiding pesticides and GMOs takes a little extra thought and time, but it’s well worth it.

Search ahead of time for restaurants that offer organic choices on the menu.

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