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We recognize that going back to school this year looks different. Whether your child is returning to an in-person classroom setting, virtually, or a blended combination of both, we want to provide you with organic and healthy solutions to ease the anxiety this time of year produces.

Virtual classroom:

If your student is participating in a virtual classroom here are some solutions to keep your child healthy, educated, safe, and stimulated while learning from home.

Healthy at home snacks:

The following brand partners have excellent organic snack ideas to keep you and your student nourished and satisfied:

Virtual tours:

      • Attend a live concert and support farmers at a virtual Farm Aid. Details of the September event will be hosted
      • Travel to art museums around the world through Google Arts and Culture.
      • You and your student can also virtually visit Yellowstone National Park.
      • Take a virtual tour of the National Aquarium or the Maritime Aquarium where you can register for their virtual programs for all grades.
      • Visit egg farms and learn where eggs come from and how farmers raise chickens.
      • The Nature Conservancy offers 11 virtual field trips that allow students to do everything from exploring a coastal rainforest while in a canoe to unlocking the secrets of coral reefs in the Dominican Republic.
      • 360 Cities provides kids with the opportunity to see stunning panoramas across the globe.
      • Visit the Louvre. Check out the current virtual tours: Egyptian antiquities, Galerie d’Apollon, and what we think will be the biggest hit with kids – the remains of the Louvre’s moat!

Physical education at home:

        • Parents and students can participate in daily following along with workouts in “PE With Joe.” This channel features a series of free YouTube workouts perfect for your at-home student.
        • Another fitness alternative is Cosmic Kids Yoga. Yoga can help your child with anxiety and facilitate mindfulness.

Healthy house cleaning options:

Student in-person back-to-school setting:

Many schools are requiring in-person students to return with masks, hand sanitizers, and other restrictions to help slow the spread of COVID-19. In order to assist with this unusual setting, we’ve identified some healthy options to ease the transition out of quarantine.

Healthy hand hygiene requires a clean non-toxic hand wash and sanitizer. Here are our two picks for your student to carry back to school:

    • Bronner’s hand sanitizer is just as effective but safe and not harmful to your student.
    • Bronner’s hand soap comes in 2-ounce sizes perfect for a backpack or purse. This soap is effective but doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like that found in school bathrooms.

Organic face masks:

If your school requires a facemask or covering we’ve located these washable organic cotton triple layer masks to help your student reduce germs and stay safe with clean organic textile material. Mary Ruth’s Organics is offering a 50 percent discount on organic mask three packs here.

Get health organic lunch recipes and immune-boosting snacks from the following brands and partners:

Organic gear:

  • To help your student with the sustainable gear we recommend checking out these organic vegan hemp bags, backpacks, and computer bags from Rawganique here.
  • For the fashionista student in the house consider some back to school eco-fashion from YesAnd here. Parents may want to treat yourself in some fashion too!

If your child is participating in a blended combo we’d like to highlight some additional offerings to keep your child healthy and nimble as they navigate this new territory.

Organic Immune Boosting Supplements:

Most kids don’t like taking their vitamins but organic immune-boosting gummies are easier to chew on than swallowing a pill. Our brand partner, MegaFood, have three excellent options here. If your student is past the gummy stage, you can introduce these multi-vitamins formulated for teens from MegaFood here.

Practice meditation:

We want to also recommend you introduce an anxiety cure for your student. Many local yoga and meditation studios have gone online now and offer community classes. If you don’t have one identified we found a great resource that integrates with Google classroom called, Yoga Foster, here.

We hope this blog helps you navigate this unique time with confidence that you have healthy organic solutions. The best way to help you and your student maintain health is to skip the chemicals used in conventional food production by simply choosing organic. You can skip over 700 chemicals every time you say yes to organic. If you’re still on the fence about investing in organic, read these science-backed studies that prove organic is better for your health.

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