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By | June 1st, 2021 | Organic News |

Press Release:

Organic Voices launches the world’s most skippable ASMR video, with over an hour of NOT SWEET chemical whispers.

‘Skip the chemicals and just go with organic.’

WASHINGTON – Today, Only Organic – a project of the non-profit Organic Voices – launched a new video, continuing its Skip the Chemicals campaign highlighting the more than 700 toxic synthetic chemicals prohibited from use in organic food, farming, and products, but widely used in conventional foods.

After the success of “The World’s Most Skippable Ad”, which saw more than 9 million views with an average watch time of over 5 minutes, Organic Voices is expanding on the idea of “skippable” content with the hope of making it easy for consumers to look for organic. In the new video released today, ASMR artist, Whispersred, softly whispers the list of over 700 chemicals in a soothing and relaxing tone while urging people to skip all these chemicals by going to sleep or buying organic when shopping for food, clothing or textiles.

The first video of the campaign was shared by more than 100 organic sector supporters, including organic companies such as Amy’s Kitchen, Lundberg Family Farms, Orgain, Organic Valley and other like-minded organizations, influencers and bloggers, many of whom compete on multiple levels. The message was simple and easy to get behind: Skip the chemicals and just go with organic.

Only the organic seal protects you and your family from more than 700 chemicals used in conventional farming and manufacturing. These chemicals include toxic fertilizers, artificial dyes, preservatives and genetically modified organisms. By shopping organic, you are preventing these chemicals from entering your body but also protecting the land and water systems.

“Particularly in the wake of the Covid pandemic, people are more concerned than ever about protecting the health of our families and loved ones,” said Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Organic Voices. “One sure way you can do this is to avoid feeding them the over 700 chemicals that are banned from use in organic products and farming. Our fun videos leave people with no doubt that 700 is one heck of a lot of chemicals and that choosing products with the USDA Organic seal is truly one of the best types of preventative health care.”

Beyond organic brands and businesses, the campaign is supported by national public interest groups and influencers who care deeply about a more sustainable and healthy food system and reducing consumers’ dietary exposure to the growing number of synthetic chemical ingredients found in conventional foods.


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