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In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’ve gathered our favorite supporting brands to offer you a fun, and informative live Twitter chat with excellent panelists and awesome giveaways.

What: Twitter party to encourage you to celebrate Valentine’s in an organic fashion. If you’ve never been to a Twitter party, it’s a live discussion with great prizes, panelists, organic information and YOU.

When: February 6, 2018, at 5 pm PST.

Hashtag: #OrganicValentines

Who: Hosted by Only Organic on Twitter. @OnlyOrganic

Panelists and Giveaways:

Annie’s Homegrown @annieshomegrown

Pete and Gerry’s @PeteandGerrys

Stonyfield @stonyfield

Uncle Matt’s @unclematts

Earth’s Best @earthsbest

Lundberg Farms @lundbergfarms

Seasnax @seasnax

Good Culture @goodculturefood

Megafood @megafood

Happy Family @happyfamily

Nature’s Path @naturespath

Giveaways TBA
Giveaways include gift baskets from amazing organic brands!

Random giveaways for the evening will be given to those that attend the party and tweet with us under the #organicholidays hashtag.

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#OrganicValentines Twitter party on 2/6  from 5-6pm PST. Get info, prizes, & hear from great panelists! http://www.onlyorganic.org/organicvalentines-day-twitter-party/

Celebrate the #OrganicValentines with @onlyorganic on 2/6 from 5-6 pm PST. http://www.onlyorganic.org/organicvalentines-day-twitter-party/ RT!

#OrganicValentines Twitter party 2/6 5 pm PST. Get the party details: http://www.onlyorganic.org/organicvalentines-day-twitter-party/ RT!

Twitter party #OrganicValentines 2/6 5 pm PST http://www.onlyorganic.org/organicvalentines-day-twitter-party/ RT!

Save the date 2/6 5-6 pm PST#OrganicValentines. Tips, recipes, and hacks on how to go organic. RT! http://www.onlyorganic.org/organicvalentines-day-twitter-party/

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