Beetnik David Perkins

By | April 22nd, 2019 |

The founders of Beetnik always enjoy time around the kitchen table, whether it’s celebrating one of life’s milestones or enjoying a weeknight dinner together. Food has been at the center of celebrations, milestones, and the daily routines of life in Beetnik’s family. Some members have serious food allergies and restrictions in their diets, while others are cancer survivors who are more concerned about what they eat. That has made life more challenging. Beetnik wants their food to taste great and know the ingredients are up to high standards. Convenient, flavorful, organic food.

In 2014, Beetnik launched their organic frozen entrée line and quickly expanded into natural food stores and regional chains. In 2017, Beetnik launched their new meatball line in pouch packaging offered in stores throughout the United States.

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