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By | October 5th, 2021 | Organic News |

New video highlighting the long list of chemicals in conventional foods you should skip – and just go with organic

Organic Voices, through its Only Organic campaign, has launched “The World’s Most Skippable Recipe Video,” to add to its growing list of “skippable” content.

This new 45-minute video features a woman making conventional cookies that may contain more than 700 chemical ingredients allowed in conventional food, but prohibited from use in organic food, farming and textiles. The video encourages consumers to skip the video – and the chemicals – and just go with organic.

This video is the campaign’s third installment in a series that builds on the success of “The World’s Most Skippable Ad,”which was launched in October of 2019 and won the Gold Shorty Award for Best YouTube Video in 2020.

The two other campaign extensions are equally ambitious and long:

The premise of the “Skip the Chemicals” campaign is to encourage viewers to skip the content entirely and just chose organic. The tagline “Skip the chemicals and just go with organic” makes it easy for consumers to understand that by choosing organic, they are avoiding more than 700 chemicals prohibited from use in organic foods under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s stringent organic certification program.

So far, the campaign has racked up many successes, including:

  • More than 20 MILLION views of “The World’s Most Skippable Ad,” “The World’s Most Skippable ASMR Video,” and “The World’s Most Skippable Cake Decorating Video” since our initial launch in October 2019
  • More than 100 million impressions through our “Skip the Chemicals” creative
  • Over 3 million hours of engagement with our messaging (eight-minute average watch time of a 30-minute commercial and 10-minute average watch time of an hour-long commercial)
  • Four- to five-fold increases in web traffic from “Skip the Chemicals” creative
  • Since relaunching in June, the campaign has delivered more than 50 million impressions and generated 3.4 million video views to our target audiences

Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Organic Voices said, “The Organic sector is extremely healthy, with nearly 13% growth in the last year. The main reason is that consumers recognize that choosing organic is the best way to avoid adding chemicals to our bodies and our planet. I am proud that the growing number of Organic brands continues to work together to drive home that message in fun and effective ways.”

“There are not many industries that come together like this to support a singular message, but the mission of the organic industry has always been to create a more sustainable agricultural system and create healthy, toxic-free foods and products,” said Grant Lundberg, CEO, Lundberg Family Farms. “Consumers today have so many competing messages, and as an industry we have come together to educate people on the benefits of purchasing organic. We have made it simple for consumers: Skip the chemicals and just go with organic.”

“We are excited to see the success of Skip the Chemicals and support the important work that Organic Voices is doing to help clear up confusion when it comes to organic,” said Tripp Hughes, senior director of consumer strategy for Organic Valley. “The latest video underscores for consumers that by choosing organic, they can avoid a long list of chemicals, including many linked to adverse health risks.”

“We’re proud to support the Organic Voices Only Organic campaign, coming together with other organic food makers to share a clear message – by choosing organic, you are avoiding over 700 chemicals,” said Andy Berliner, CEO and co-founder of Amy’s Kitchen. “We hope this new video will get the message out to even more people and motivate them to skip the chemicals and go with organic at the grocery store shelf.”

“People are too busy to spend hours trying to understand what a long list of chemical ingredients they cannot pronounce could mean for their health. Organic makes it simple and is the easiest way for consumers to get the peace of mind they crave, without spending time figuring out if their food is clean,” said Andrew Abraham, M.D., and founder and CEO of Orgain Clean Nutrition.

The creative agency behind this work is Humanaut, based in Chattanooga, TN.

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