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August 18, 2021

Statement from Organic Voices on E.P.A.’s Decision to Ban Chlorpyrifos from Use on Food Crops

Washington – Today the Environmental Protection Agency announced its plans to ban chlorpyrifos, a chemical that has been linked to neurological damage, from use on food crops. Below is a statement from Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Organic Voices.

“The 500+ business supporters of Organic Voices enthusiastically commend the Biden administration for the decision to ban chlorpyrifos from the US marketplace. Science has been clear for a long time that this pesticide poses grave risks to children. There are numerous effective and safe alternatives available to farmers and growers with far less toxic repercussions. Our coalition urges the Biden administration to continue on the track of prioritizing objective scientific assessment in evaluating other pesticides which are overdue for serious review. As business leaders committed to building a safe, trustworthy food system for generations to come, we strongly endorse science trumping economic considerations when it comes to pesticide regulation.”

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