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By | February 11th, 2019 | Organic News |

Are you struggling with your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier? Let us inspire your taste buds with some healthy and tasty organic salad recipes. Salads are an excellent option for detoxing after the holiday season and prepping for spring. In the winter months, you can still get a lot of fresh organic produce to make delicious salads. If you’re still on the fence about choosing organic ingredients, our Organic Swap features all the reasons why you should make the switch here. To understand organic farming and food production take a look at what certified organic really means. The main thing you want to avoid when eating fresh produce is toxic persistent pesticides which can leave chemical residue on certain produce. Use EWG’s Dirty Dozen to decide which produce you should always buy certified organic.

Grapefruit, Salmon, and Avocado Salad

Kale Citrus Salad

Winter Citrus Salad

Chile Lime Potato Salad Skewers

Asian Sesame Quinoa Salad

Fresh Collard Green Rolls With Amy’s Pad Thai

Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Raspberry Vinaigrette

Tri-color quinoa slaw with peanut dressing

Quinoa Salad With Ramps, Peas, and Herbs

Sweet Potato Kale Salad With Spicy Chipotle Yogurt Dressing

Basil Mint Yogurt Pea pasta Salad 

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